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ALFRA electric assembly table AMTE 250

Is there a infinitely adjustable workstation that is also mobile? The answer is definitely 'yes'. With the AMTE 250 from ALFRA, you can adjust the angle of inclination of your mounting table to your individual favourite working position – conveniently due to a battery-operated electric motor. This has another advantage: independent of the power supply system, the assembly table becomes a mobile workstation that can be moved without any problems - for example, to create space in the workshop at short notice. The AMT 250 can hold mounting plates with a surface area of up to 1,100 x 1,900 millimeters at a maximum load of 300 kg. It is equipped with four guide rollers, two of them with total fixing. The roller conveyor option enables you to install assembled and often heavy mounting plates in the cabinet without the use of lifting tools. The table is pushed sideways on a roller conveyor together with the pre-wired plate into the cabinet equipped with guide rails. With the additionally available spare battery the mounting table is always ready for operation.

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Technical details

Prod.-No. 031001
Simple, variable fixing of mounting panels using quick-action clamp.
Intelligent release system enables unrestricted processing of the entire mounting panel
Infinitely variable adjustment from vertical to horizontal using battery-operated electric motors
Infinitely variable height adjustment using battery-operated electric motors
Electric motor
Adjustable angle of inclination 0 - 80°
Working height variable: 80 - 110 cm
4 guide rollers with total fixing
Max. size mounting panels W x H 1,100 x 1,900 mm
Max. useful load 300 kg
Space requirement 1,400 x 1,200 mm
Weight 140 kg

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