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Hintergrundbild Application solutions steel and metal construction

Application solutions for steel and metal construction

Metalcoredrilling in every position, punching steel beams hydraulically and fully automatically, or deburring processed parts time efficiently? ALFRA tools and devices are prepared to take every challenge – for example on construction sites, in metalworking companies or in shipbuilding. We understand the working environments of our customers!

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The products at a glance

Produktbild von Metal core drilling-machines

Metal core drilling-machines

Equipped with a permanent magnet or an electromagnet, the devices belonging to the ALFRA-Rotabest family unfold their ...

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Produktbild von Magnetic drill stand

Magnetic drill stand

At 6.8KG the permanent magnet ALFRA SP-V drill holding unit is capable of creating a stable drilling platform even on ...

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Produktbild von Drills


HSS-core drills, TCT core drills, multi-step drills – we have the suitable tool for every application. Depending on ...

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Produktbild von Hole saws/Sabre saw blades

Hole saws/Sabre saw blades

ALFRA-TCT-hole-saws can be used on materials such as stainless steel, unalloyed steels, aluminum, plastics or ...

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Produktbild von Edge-milling and  deburring devices

Edge-milling and deburring devices

Discover our Edge-milling and deburring devices. They are equipped with a high performance motor and full-wave ...

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Produktbild von Hydraulic punches

Hydraulic punches

portable high performance punches for nearly silent applications on t-bars. Our hydraulic driven punches belonging ...

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Produktbild von Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps

With their compact design the AHP-M and the AHP-L ensure an impressive performance of the powered punches – thanks ...

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