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We are happy to help

You have the right to expect excellent product quality. But the value of a tool or of a machine is also depending on the culture of service which You are offered during and after delivery. Best relationships to our customers are a point of honor for us – because we want You to be assured of the performance of our Alfra tools permanently.
That’s why our clever repair service team is supporting You with solutions, which are actually practicable. The Alfra Consultants, both, in-house and in the field, are professionals – which means „giving up is not an option” is our credo for every challenge linked with Your wishes as a customer.
Tiny twists often have a big impact. For this reason we’re providing You with our expert knowledge. Under the heading “Tipps and Tricks” there are concrete suggestions how to use our Alfra products even more effectively. We wish You lots of pleasure on Your rummage through these pages!