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Magnetic Chip Remover

Everything clean? Where drilling is done, there are also chips. Metal chips in particular are not only sharp-edged, but also hot and greasy - three reasons why these potentially dangerous traces should be removed quickly and thoroughly after each drilling operation. Our magnetic swarf remover is making this process particularly safe and time-saving. You are moving a strong magnet up and down in a stainless steel round bar, which is attracting ferromagnetic chips reliably. Due to the practical strapper with injury protection, chips and other metallic waste can be transportet easily to the corresponding collection container. With a weight of 0.6 kg, the magnetic device is an indispensable aid wherever chips are falling. Thanks to the sturdy rubber handle, it is also fitting particularly well in the hand. Another advantage: Due to its slim design, the swarf remover is doing well even in corners and niches that are difficult to access - not only with chips, but also with dropped screws and other small metallic parts.

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