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ALFRA is setting new standards - Variable Welding Angle TMA 660

With the TMA 660 Set, a variable welding angle, the Alfra Magnetic System has been completed. The basis are two TMC 660s, which are interconnected by two angled side plates, that can continuously be adjusted 0° to 90°.The...[more]


ALFRA takes off – with the permanent lifting magnet TMC 660!

Today we would like to introduce a further new and innovative product in the field of ALFRA hoisting technology to you – the TMC 660. “TMC” stands for “Thin Material Cube” and “660” for the maximal hoisting capacity of 661.39...[more]


NEW - The mounting table configurator

You need a mounting table, but are not quite sure, which equipment components are necessary and useful for you? Our new mounting table-configurator helps you in 3 easy steps, to find the ideal solution for your application. You...[more]


New: Battery Operated Mounting Table AMTE 250

Mounting panels can be built up independent of a source of electricity. The adjustment of height and inclination is being effected by a battery powered motor, which contributes to timesaving, economical and efficient...[more]



Made in Germany by ALFRA  Brand-new in our portfolio are the Permanent Lifting Magnets of the product-line ALFRA-MAGNETIC-SYSTEMS. With these magnets you can lift even heavy loads up to 250 kg /500 kg very...[more]


New: RB 50 X Metal Core Drilling Machine

Made in Germany by ALFRA!Our  new developed, high-quality machine combines high functionality and smart design.Some highlights of the machine are for example: Hybrid-Relay for an extend lifetime of the...[more]


New: RB 80 X Metal Core Drilling Machine

Made in Germany by ALFRA   Our RB 80 X completes our new Rotabest RBX product line. Just as the two smaller units RB 35 X and RB 50 X it has outstanding characteristics as for...[more]

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