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Namensverwechslung mit insolventer ALFRA Werkzeug und Gerätebau GmbH Hainburg


Vielleicht ist Ihnen in den letzten Tagen zu Ohren gekommen, die ALFRA GmbH sei insolvent. Dieses Missverständnis möchten wir hiermit richtig stellen:

Beim betroffenen Unternehmen handelt es sich um die ALFRA Werkzeug und Gerätebau GmbH in Hainburg, die Werkzeuge und Spritzgussteile produziert. Ehemals hat dieser Betrieb Werkzeuge für Alfra gefertigt, die wir inzwischen in Eigenproduktion herstellen. Außer dem ähnlichen Namen besteht keine Verbindung mehr zur ALFRA GmbH mit Hauptsitz in Hockenheim.

Sie können sich also auch weiterhin auf Qualität „made in Germany, made by Alfra“ verlassen.


Sehen Sie hier die öffentliche Bekanntmachung zur Eröffnung des Insolvenzverfahrens


ALFRA is setting new standards - Variable Welding Angle TMA 660

With the TMA 660 Set, a variable welding angle, the Alfra Magnetic System has been completed. The basis are two TMC 660s, which are interconnected by two angled side plates, that can continuously be adjusted 0° to 90°.The...[more]


ALFRA takes off – with the permanent lifting magnet TMC 660!

Today we would like to introduce a further new and innovative product in the field of ALFRA hoisting technology to you – the TMC 660. “TMC” stands for “Thin Material Cube” and “660” for the maximal hoisting capacity of 661.39...[more]


NEW - The mounting table configurator

You need a mounting table, but are not quite sure, which equipment components are necessary and useful for you? Our new mounting table-configurator helps you in 3 easy steps, to find the ideal solution for your application. You...[more]


New: Battery Operated Mounting Table AMTE 250

Mounting panels can be built up independent of a source of electricity. The adjustment of height and inclination is being effected by a battery powered motor, which contributes to timesaving, economical and efficient...[more]



Made in Germany by ALFRA  Brand-new in our portfolio are the Permanent Lifting Magnets of the product-line ALFRA-MAGNETIC-SYSTEMS. With these magnets you can lift even heavy loads up to 250 kg /500 kg very...[more]


New: RB 50 X Metal Core Drilling Machine

Made in Germany by ALFRA!Our  new developed, high-quality machine combines high functionality and smart design.Some highlights of the machine are for example: Hybrid-Relay for an extend lifetime of the...[more]


New: RB 80 X Metal Core Drilling Machine

Made in Germany by ALFRA   Our RB 80 X completes our new Rotabest RBX product line. Just as the two smaller units RB 35 X and RB 50 X it has outstanding characteristics as for...[more]

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