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ALFRA electro-hydraulic pump DSP-120

Punching openings into control cabinets with minumum effort – that’s the strong point of our ALFRA hydraulic cylinder SKP-1. In a team with the hydraulic pump DSP-120 it is capable to take a variety of challenges – because the SKP-1 working with a maximum operating pressure of 700 bar and an engine performance of 0,4 kW. The pump is equipped with two range operation and a holding function. Along with the SKP-1 and the foot pump, a 2,8m high pressure hose is also belonging to the set – as well as a draw bolt with a 19,0 mm diametre, a multi- part spacer sleeve set and a 11,0 mm pre-drill. The cylinder and the pump are perfectly suitable fort he applications with Round-. Square-, rectangular- puchers, or for special designs.

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