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Life is not a picnic?

Alfra GmbH 02. Dezember
Life is not a picnic?

Take part in our ideas competition and win attractive prizes!

Why do we blog? By definition, the original idea behind a blog is a diary - thoughts on bound pages, intended only for the author.  We also have something to tell. Tools are our passion, metal is our material. The knowledge of technologies from our company, which make the processing of steels or sheets easier, faster and more precise, has grown over generations. In this blog we would like to share it with you!

Our strength are high-performance tools for special applications, developed from close relationships with our users in industries such as switch cabinet and control engineering, plant engineering or metal construction. From the concrete customer project, to development, to the special tool - the key is communication.

That's why we would like to use the Alfra company blog to offer you more than just important news for your working environment or insights into our production halls. Life is not a picnic? With us it is! Because we are interested in what you want to read in this special diary. Turn to the first page with us. As part of the launch of our new website, we will reward your wish list of favourite items for our blog. Whether it's checklists for a specific application, particularly tricky requirements for one of your projects, or questions to experts with relevant knowledge for your service offering – use your imagination! Your needs will flow into the selection of topics for professionally valuable whitepapers, which we will make available for free download in our blog. Write to us! We will award a prize for the most original contributions.

Mail us your suggestions by 15 December 2020 to passion@alfra.de, subject line „wishlist“

We are looking forward to your ideas.

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