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What sets us apart…

All for one
We want You to be pleased. It might sound plain, but this is exactly the reason, why we’re going to work every day. How we’re planning to achieve this goal? By avoiding the most dangerous enemy of contentment: complacency. Our antidote: Passion! We find solutions for the challenges You are defining for us – Your trust is our motivation.

Certified quality
Safety first! That applies for the quality of our products and services, too – starting with contemporary means of communication, fast logistics and a standard of quality, You can rely on. In cold print – certified in accordance to DIN ISO. Our potential: a committed staff, working tirelessly for our customers.

A question of teamwork
Our employees are our potential. That’s why we appreciate every colleague as a partner, supporting us to meet our most important challenge: the continuous development of the company. Flat hierarchies are self-evident, because the principal is leading the way, without elevating over others. Our reputation: 40 years of experience – including valued trading partners all over the world.

Developed from experience into practice
Every market has its own challenges. We love diversity. Therefore we are developing tools and machines making exhausting processing steps in your business unnecessary or much easier. That’s the basis for our product-ideas.

Made in Germany - Made by Alfra
85 % in-house manufacturing at two production sites in Germany – we are proud of that. Inseparably linked with the quality of our products is a distinctive service. Our credo: We are happy to to help You – solution-oriented and unbureaucratic. A distributer network, covering more than 120 countries, provides a smooth supply with our Alfra-developments.

The perspective
Our sights are directed to the future – without forgetting our roots in the crafts. With pleasure and excitement we keep on facing new challenges.