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More than holes and metal chips – the Alfra company history

Fairy tales start with “once upon a time” – an extraordinary story starts with a vision. We invite You to a stray through the Alfra company history – because our roots are the basis for tools and machines, developed to match with Your high expectations.

From Dresden to the capital of motorsports

At the beginning of the 20th century new standards of metalworking changed the German economy. A.H Mehring took his chance and founded our later sister company, Sägen-Mehring in Dresden. After World War 2, Gerhard Döring took over. Under his leadership Sägen-Mehring GmbH moved to Hockenheim. The city in northern Baden-Wuerttemberg is the location for our administrative headquarter today.

In the early 70’s, the company history gathered pace. Christian and Wolfgang Döring bought the tool grinding shop Alfred Raith in Ditzingen. For the sons of the company founder this meant the entry in the distribution of saw blades for metal cutting.

Green light for vertical core drilling

1978 Alfra took over the Greenlee Tool GmbH in Hanau. Since then, punches and tools for cabinet engineering are part of the Alfra-product range – today one of our key features. In the 80‘s begun the success-story of another innovation: We developed our own metal-core-drilling-machines with the name ALFRA ROTABEST®. The product performed convincingly on the market because of a variety of user-friendly applications, such as the patented safety device for overhead-work.

Alfra international

Along with the own production of hole punches and other machining tools, Alfra gave a boost to the export business, too. Today deliveries into more than 120 countries take a growing share of 65 % of our total sales. Since the mid-1990’s Alfra is maintaining on an international course. After the foundation of subsidiaries in Switzerland and Great Britain, in the new millennium a foreign branch in the USA arose and the sales office in Singapore was opened. The global Alfra-family kept growing with TMA Netherlands as her latest member.

„Made in Germany“ as a signpost

Alfra made another mark for quality „Made in Germany“ by taking over AKM Berlin. The former construction- and manufacturing company in Berlin/Stahnsdorf has been transformed into an own Alfra-plant in 2007. On 600 square meters production space we are manufacturing for example hydraulic pumps, core drilling machines or deburring technology.
In total we are producing in-house with a content of around 85 % at two German locations.

New name, same target

Since 2017 the company Alfred Raid operates as ALFRA GmbH. Our concept: a new name, along with traditionally high quality-levels. Of course Alfra is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. Our vision of the future: We will keep developing user-friendly applications for our customers – with passion and on the basis of experience.