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The seventies:

The story of the Alfra GmbH began in 1973 with the acquisition of a small tool grinding company located in Ditzingen, close to Stuttgart. While keeping the company name, the brothers C. and W. Döring started selling saws and saw blades for metal cutting.

In Addition to the service, the trade developed increasingly becoming the main field of activities. A variety of innovative products were introduced in the German market. Thus, the exclusive representation of Milford saber saw blades and Miller saber saw machines were acquired for the German market in 1974.

The punches and tools for control cabinet & switchgear machining have been manufactured for the first time under ALFRA supervision, due to the take-over of GREENLEE Tool GmbH in Hanau from the company Acker + Stichel.

The first hydraulic punching brackets for double T-beam-steel of a Japanese steel manufacturer were introduced to the German market.

The eighties:

In the early eighties the first metal core drilling machines were engineered and launched to the market as ALFRA ROTABEST®. This machine was marked by a variety of innovative solutions, like the patented safety mechanism for overhead operation.

At the same time the production of punches and machining tools started. The self-production strengthened the export. Today the export sales, active in more than 80 countries, represent 65% of the total turnover.

A new product scope, fixed hydraulic punches, was raised in 1985 by cooperating with a well-known company. They produced for ALFRA exclusively: hydraulic devices and punches for the machining of switchgears up to a dimension of 2.200 x 1.000 mm. Today this programme consists of six various models for nearly every application range.

The nineties:

The stationary punchers with integrated laser-pointer have been first delivered in 1992. The same year a company for construction and manufacturing has been founded, specialised in the manufacturing of busbar machining units, hydraulic pumps and portable punching brackets for steelwork.

Numerous partnerships abroad started together with Rittal, one of the world market leaders in control cabinet construction.

In 1995 ALFRA launched during the fair “Hannover-Messe” the smallest and lightest core drilling machine ever, the ROTABEST® Piccolo; until today unique for its’ efficiency and weight. The same year ALFRA started manufacturing the first carbide equipped hole saws and carbide equipped core drills – the first competitor to Japanese producers. 1997 ALFRA has been certified according to international quality standard DIN ISO 9001. ISO 9001:2015.

 … until these days

Nowadays, innovation and growth became very fast and dynamic.

Since the early years of the new millennium, a new subsidiary in the United States followed her sister companies in Switzerland and England.

The former construction and manufacturing company in Berlin became a self-administrated plant and moved to a new building.

Since end of 2007, a newly introduced EDP system secures future processes.  

Technological milestone is the new hydraulic pump “Akku Compact”. Further innovations are contained in our CAD systems.